Accumix 750XB


The AccuMix™ 750XB is Gears Inc.’s proprietary modified Aran ASR 280B continuous mixing pugmill.  It is a computer controlled, automated, self contained, self erecting, mobile system for metering and blending accurately and consistently on a continuous basis one or optionally two grades of aggregates, one or two fine particulate additives (with an optional auxiliary silo), water, and an optional liquid admixture.   This machine is unique in its compactness, productivity, efficiency, accuracy and relocation ease.  Maximum capacity of the AccuMix™ 750XB is 750 tons per hour.  This output will vary depending on the physical properties of the soil, the number and type of additives and the individual feeder capacities.

Built on the chassis of an Aran ASR 280B, the AccuMix™ 750XB utilizes and expands upon this industry proven design.  While keeping its superior layout, mixing chamber and feeders, which are recognized throughout the industry for their uniformity and consistency, the AccuMix™ 750XB builds on these strengths.  This is accomplished with new state of the art power, delivery, measuring, monitoring, automation and control systems to bring the plant into the 21st century.  What we end up with is a more powerful, efficient, accurate and consistent plant.

The Design of the AccuMix™ 750XB has culminated from years of hands on experience with numerous and varied mixing projects.  We have used this extensive experience to design what we believe is the ultimate machine for the job.  Any successful mixing project will require the right equipment, trained personnel, support and expertise.  Gears Inc. can provide all four as we have on hundreds of successfully completed projects in the past.

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