Water meter

Using Gears, Inc.’s optional modular admixture delivery system, the AccuMix™ 750XB can dispense a liquid additive into the water delivery system for optimum dispersion through the mix.  This system is controlled and powered by the plant.  Admixture is pumped from an outside container by means of a 1/4" or 1/2" Ingersoll-Rand Aro pneumatic pump. The pump size is dependent upon the fluid properties and proportion.  The admixture then enters an Aro Shock-Blocker pulsation damping system to achieve a completely consistent flow.  A check valve is installed before the admixture enters the water delivery system to prevent any cross contamination of supplies.  As with the water, admixture is measured by an Endress+Hauser Promag 33A Electromagnetic Flow Meter.  Because this mag-meter has an open flow tube, it is ideally suited for admixtures, which tend to clog up or decrease the accuracy of traditional meters.  As long as the fluid has a minimum conductivity of 5 mS/cm, no calibration is required and the meter will provide better then ± 1/2 % accuracy (manufacturer’s specifications available upon request).  

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