Cummins QSC

On board power for the AccuMix™ 750XB's hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems is derived from Cummins new QSC8.3, 24-valve, overhead cam, full-authority electronically controlled diesel.  Delivering 320 peak HP and 1000 LB-FT of torque, the Quantum System provides shorter service times, longer maintenance intervals, better fuel economy and overall more reliable power and durability.  The QSC8.3 is directly coupled to a pair of Linde’s new 21˚ technology hydraulic, variable displacement, load sensing piston pumps.  These pumps provide on demand power to whatever circuits require it, giving the plant more versatility in mix proportions than previous plants and much smoother, consistent and efficient power then electric motors can provide.  The overall efficiency of this hydrostatic system leaves a whopping minimum 220 HP available at the pugmill.  Directly coupling the pumps to the engine has eliminated multiple drive components, thus reducing maintenance times and service points.

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